Off Shore Funds

Gallium has extensive experience in the provision of services to the managers and administrators of off-shore funds and to specialist asset managers considering creating off-shore fund vehicles. We specialise in providing such services to the financial services sector, ranging from start-ups to established funds and we can accommodate a variety of fund structures and asset classes.

The Client

Gallium has assisted numerous clients including:

  • investment fund managers
  • asset managers
  • property managers
  • property developers
  • private equity managers
  • forex traders
  • loan providers
  • fund administrators
  • institutional investors
  • local authorities
  • property surveyor firms

In particular Gallium has worked on various off shore fund initiatives with Apex Fund Services.

Off-Shore Locations

Gallium provides a comprehensive service to enable clients to promote their funds in the UK or invest in assets situated in the UK. We have assisted with the launch of funds established in numerous different countries and regions.

The Service

Gallium works with clients that have specialist asset management knowledge and experience but lack the necessary regulatory permissions to conduct investment business. Gallium also works with funds that are registered off-shore but invest in assets situated in the UK. We can provide a comprehensive service including:

  • assistance with the project management;
  • assistance with the preparation of the financial promotions;
  • an initial Operator for the proposed fund; and/or
  • an on-going Investment Adviser.

Next Step

If you are interested in the off-shore fund service then please contact us to obtain further information and to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Gallium is a MiFID firm and has active regulatory passports across the European Community

Click here to download Off Shore Funds Brochure
Off Shore Funds Brochure