Other Fund Services

Gallium specialises in the creation and operation of unregulated collective investment schemes (“UCIS”). Essentially, we provide a complete package of regulated activities to enable our clients to proceed with the launch and operation of their UCIS. This includes support in respect of marketing, technical issues, administrative functions and, in certain circumstances, equity raising. However, Gallium only works in those areas where it would be more efficient for our clients to use our experience, usually because of a shortage of internal management resources or because the expertise is not available in-house. The precise configuration of our responsibilities depends on the needs of the client. Gallium’s clients find this particularly helpful as they can control precisely the extent of our involvement, and so avoid unnecessary duplication of resources. It also means that our clients can focus fully on the businesses in which the fund is to invest.

Corporate Governance

Gallium routinely appoints its directors to the management boards of its clients’ funds to assist with corporate governance activities and to monitor the adherence to investment criteria and fund objectives. Gallium also appoints subsidiaries and SPVs to act in such corporate governance roles.

Safeguarding Investors’ Cash

Gallium possesses the FCA permission to control client money. Gallium routinely provides advice and guidance to its clients to ensure that investor cash is kept safe and makes recommendations in respect of control procedures and corporate governance measures.

Company Secretarial Services

The establishment and operation of investment vehicles entails a considerable amount of corporate formation and administrative work. Gallium has extensive experience in the establishment of numerous forms of investment vehicles and the on-going administration of those vehicles.

The Client

Gallium has assisted numerous clients including:

  • investment fund managers
  • asset managers
  • property managers
  • fund administrators
  • institutional investors
  • local authorities
  • on-shore funds
  • off-shore funds
  • property surveyor firms

Our services will accommodate a variety of investment vehicles, on or off shore, including companies, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, trust vehicles and syndicates. Gallium has experience in numerous asset classes including residential property, commercial property, bridging loans, mezzanine funding, films, PFI projects, traded endowment policies, fine art, commodities, stocks, shares and intellectual property.

Next Step

If you are interested in any fund services then please contact us to obtain further information and to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Gallium has been at the heart of collective investment scheme sector growth and development

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