Financial Modelling

Financial models and other systems representing forecasts and analysis are typically used to calculate projected total returns for investment opportunities. Companies and firms increasingly use financial models to support decisions; assess performance; assess financial strength; generate profit forecasts; calculate capital requirements; develop investment and management strategies; and generate sensitivity analysis within their business.

The Client

Gallium can assist many different types of client e.g. property managers, asset managers, hedge fund managers, private wealth managers, advisory firms or distributers. Typically, they are looking to expand their business or bring a new product, services or fund to market. In order to raise capital or equity they are required to calculate the financial performance and assess the financial risk.

If you are such a potential client, then Gallium can assist you with building an appropriate financial model.

The Service

Gallium has worked with many leading institutional and professional fund managers to develop complex financial models across a variety of asset classes, business models and geographic territories. We have technical expertise not only in financial model design and the building of financial models but also in project management, tax implications, sensitivity analysis, benchmarking and risk management.

Gallium assists clients by:

  • Providing useful information relating to investment and/or strategic decisions.
  • Assisting with the improvement of capital management.
  • Providing sensitivity analysis.
  • Providing cashflow analysis and performance measurements.
  • Enabling them to integrate financial modelling into their decision-making processes.

Next Step

If you are interested in the Financial Modelling Service then please contact us to obtain further information and to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Financial modelling is an essential tool for investment appraisal and business management

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Financial Modelling