Trust Manager Services

Gallium specialises in the creation and operation of unregulated collective investment schemes (“UCIS”). Essentially, we provide a complete package of regulated activities to enable our clients to proceed with the launch and operation of their UCIS. This includes support in respect of marketing, technical issues, administrative functions and, in certain circumstances, equity raising. However, we only work in those areas where it would be more efficient for our clients to use our experience, usually because of a shortage of internal management resources or because the expertise is not available in-house. The precise configuration of our responsibilities depends on the needs of the client. Our clients find this particularly helpful as they can control precisely the extent of our involvement, and so avoid unnecessary duplication of resources. It also means that our clients can focus fully on the businesses in which their fund is to invest.

Unit Trusts

On occasion, a trust structure might be utilised as the main fund structure or as a feeder fund into the main fund investment vehicle. A feeder trust might be used to enable tax-exempt investors such as pension investors and charities to participate in a fund investment vehicle where tax legislation and/or their constitutions might otherwise prevent them from investing as direct investors in the fund investment vehicle.

If the FCA has not authorised or recognised the trust vehicle then it will be classified as a UCIS. A UCIS may be established, operated and/or managed in the UK or in a jurisdiction outside the UK. UCIS are described as unregulated because they are not subject to the same restrictions as a regulated collective investment scheme (e.g. in terms of their investment powers and how they are run).

Management and Operation of the Unit Trust

The Trust Manager must be regulated by the FCA. Although the schemes themselves are not authorised or recognised, persons carrying on regulated activities in the UK in relation to UCIS (including providing personal recommendations, arranging deals and establishing, operating and managing schemes) will be subject to FCA regulation, including FCA Handbook requirements (e.g. the Conduct of Business Sourcebook). Therefore, as well as a trustee, the unit trusts will require a regulated Trust Manager to provide the regulated services of arranging deals, operating and managing the schemes.

Why Gallium?

  • The executive team of Gallium has more than 30 years of experience in the creation and operation of UCIS.
  • The Gallium team has assisted many of the leading institutional and professional investment managers.
  • Gallium is an independent Operator.
  • Gallium can accommodate any asset class.
  • Gallium works with both institutional and private investors.
  • Gallium is vastly experienced and cost effective

Next Step

If you are interested in the Trust Manager services then please contact us to obtain further information and to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Gallium’s in-depth knowledge provides a solid platform for the creation of collective investment schemes

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